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‘우리[WOO:RI]I’ – 정효진 JEONG Hyojin

Pivní zahrádky
* The Czech word for beer garden, is captured in Jeong’s work which represents a beer garden, where beer cocktails are served.

Beer is like fuel, which facilitates communication among individuals. It lessens the initial awkwardness of people meeting for the first time, even with a low level of alcohol consumption (tipsy-ness) people become friendly and tactile, embracing each other ‘우리[WOO:RI]’.

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Beer Cocktail mixed with Peace.
Beer Cocktail mixed with Freedom.
Beer Cocktail mixed with Love & Fairy tale.
Beer Cocktail mixed with longing Nostalgia.
Beer Cocktail mixed with Friendship.

– JEONG Hyojin-

TINA B. 프라하 현대 미술 페스티벌과 협업으로 이루어지는 ‘우리[WOO:RI] I’ 에서 정효진 작가의 설치 작품 프라하의 체코 센터(Czech Centre)에 전시됩니다.

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