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‘우리[WOO:RI] I’ – 배찬효 BAE Chanhyo

It has already been 7 years since I’ve commenced a study on my identity as an Asian man amidst Western culture, social status and alienation that started as a matter of interest. Now when I look back they seemed to be the inter-relational questions between Western culture and myself, as well as differences and distinctions of a vague subject.

–BAE Chanhyo-

In the photographic works of BAE Chanhyo, the artist himself, is disguised through varied identities of metamorphosis.

In his work, he attempts to disguise his identity, through the process of metamorphosis. More accurately it can be seen as his own indirect reflection, in the search of himself rather than a camouflage or metamorphosis.

Exploring the cultural gap and the issues of personal identity, which has touched the sensibility of the young Korean, male artist, who Is dynamically active in the subjective formation of cosmopolitan London society.

In his series of ‘Existing in costume’, the artist is featured as ‘Rapunzel’ or ‘Cinderella’, the beautiful female characters of Western fairy tale stories or powerful women in the Western civilization as ‘The Queen Elizabeth I’. Issues that comprise gender, race and culture are introduced in his work, and the hybridized issues on a third identity.

TINA B. 프라하 현대 미술 페스티벌과 협업으로 이루어지는 ‘우리[WOO:RI] I’ 에서 배찬효 작가의 작품은 프라하의 체코 국립도서관(Klementinum – National Library of the Czech Republic)에 전시됩니다.

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