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‘우리[WOO:RI] I’ – 도로시 엠 윤 Dorothy M YOON

The artistic focus of my work is the traditional cultural dimensions between the colour Pink and a girl. The contradictions and ambiguity of this subject matter, as white and red, a girl and a woman, mundane and ceptional, fantasy and reality, Eastern and Western cultural influences as well as the gender expectations. These ideologies are reflected in my deep desire for beauty and fantasy, which have been part of my subconscious from any early age, from the time I played with my Barbie doll with blonde hair blue eyes and plastic pink shoes. ‘Rococo No.33’ series, which is the hybrid representation of 33 Bosal (female Buddhists) in Rococo sets implies the cross-cultural phenomenon that we are facing in this era.

– Dorothy M. Yoon-

TINA B. 프라하 현대 미술 페스티벌과 협업으로 이루어지는 ‘우리[WOO:RI] I’ 전시 중 도로시 엠 윤 작가의 작품은 프라하 체코 센터Czech Centre에 전시됩니다.